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A classic and timeless small cruiser helmsman. Safe and secure thanks to their very seaworthy tulip hull, these fisher-cruisers benefit from the performance inherent to an outboard engine. Famous for their warm, comfortable interiors and their level of equipment, the four Antares outboards always make their owners happy. A best-selling range.

Beneteau Antares Fly 11 in action!


With its 11 meters overall length, the admiral of the Antares range is the Family cruiser par excellence. This contemporary design boat emphasizes volume, comfort and safety. With the flybridge perfectly integrated into its silhouette, the Antares 11 FLY allows you to fully enjoy the pleasures of outdoor cruising.

Idle Beneteau Antares 11 boat in Ibiza


With its 11 meters overall length, the new admiral of the Antares fleet is the Family cruiser par excellence. Safe, livable and seaworthy, this contemporary design boat prioritizes comfort and volume, safety and innovation.

General view of the Beneteau Anatares 9 OB vessel

Antares 9 OB

It is the weekender par excellence ! With an innate sense of detail and comfort, the Antares 9 invites you to extend your outings at sea. Modern and classy, it perpetuates the tradition of elegance of a historic range. Autonomy, habitability, refinement: everything is brought together to live the small cruiser in high class.

Photography of a skipper sailing with a Beneteau Antares 8 OB boat

Antares 8 OB

Agile, powerful and amply habitable, the Antares 8 has character. A discovery boat for recreational boating par excellence, it lends itself wonderfully to multi-day getaways in the safest way.

The Beneteau Antares 7 OB boat is simple, safe and habitable

Antares 7 OB

Timeless, the latest Antares 7 is based on the three founding values of this historic range: safety, simplicity and habitability. A safe value designed for the discovery of small coastal cruisers, the Antares 7 is trailerable.

Image of a Beneateau Antares 6 OB boat while it is at water


A small helmsman in top form ! With a very modern look and timeless lines, the Antares 6 remains faithful to everything created for more than 40 years, to the success of this range. Outings, fishing trips, picnics? This very safe cruiser is the ideal companion to discover the pleasures of sailing.

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